Thursday, 19 May 2016

Lolly stick saves greasy fingers; fridge fettling

We moored at Lower Heyford and found there was no phone signal and hence no internet. I am therefore backdating this post.

On the way some of the locks had been supplied with lolly sticks with which to operate the pawl.

The stick reads "Keep fingers clean".

We walked round Lower Heyford - church locked - and treated ourselves to a cream tea at Kizzie's at the boatyard. I tried to take some photos which were more than mere snaps. Can you see what this is?

In the evening we had been invited for drinks and nibbles with Bones; we had an excellent time talking with her and Andrew the potter. I took a bottle of wine which had an amusing error on the label.

Perhaps we should have poured it over a wooden crate.

Earlier in the day I attached a temperature sensor to the fridge's radiator and connected it to a module which now switches on a small fan when the fridge comes on. The idea is to make the fridge more efficient by blowing away the heat, but the fan I installed is far too small. It did fit nicely in the hole I made in the floor, though. I shall have to experiment with a larger fan, but there is very little space behind the fridge. Which is part of the problem, of course.


Neil Corbett said...

It's a dandelion clock! And a very nice picture.
Kath (nb Herbie)

Halfie said...

It is indeed, Kath. Thanks.