Monday, 23 May 2016

Blogger's former boat spotted

We set off from Thrupp at 1000 and quickly came to Shipton Weir Lock, where I persuaded the crew of a hire boat to let us share the lock. This proceeded without a hitch; we were soon released onto the river section where the canal takes the course of the Cherwell. I like this bit - the depth means that one is able to let rip. At one point it looked busy as a boat came by.

I think it was at Gibraltar where we went past a boat very familiar to one blog reader.

Nev of Percy fame used to own Waterlily.

The snowy white blossom of blackthorn (?) continues to add interest to the journey.

Who can resist taking this photo at Somerton Deep Lock? (I didn't get any photos on the way down as it was raining.)

We tied up in the middle of nowhere just before Chisnell Lift Bridge just round the corner from Somerton Deep Lock. After a brief shower of rain - where did that come from? - we had a cloudless sunset. Here's a shot of cow parsley silhouetted against the orange sky.

We're on schedule for getting to Crick on Friday, but we'll have to keep putting the hours in.

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Nev Wells said...

Hi Halfie,

Good to know where Waterlily is - I thought she was on the K&A. That scratch looks like a painful one near the lettering.... She was/is a good boat. Thanks for the pics