Friday, 13 May 2016

Back on Jubilee after a week away

Last Friday Ally picked us up from Fenny Compton Wharf and took us back to Thrupp Wharf Marina so we could collect our car. Ally and Ben had a job for me and the Volvo - clearing their garage. It took three trips to the tip at New Bradwell to remove loads of scrap timber, unwanted plastic flowerpots, old carpet etc.

On Sunday, after going to church with Ally, Ben and Josiah, we went home to Norfolk to mow the lawn, trim the hedges and do other general gardening stuff. This was in the lovely warm and sunny weather; on the Tuesday it rained. Fortunately we'd just about finished what we'd planned to do. On Wednesday we drove to Essex to visit both sets of parents, then came up the M1 to MK again.

The next day we did a lot more M1, driving to Sheffield to visit Andrew (Becky was at work; we did see her briefly before we left). We had lunch at Endcliffe Park Café ...

... then walked along Porter Brook to Forge Dam and back. It was another warm and sunny day, perfect for our walk. On the way we saw the eighteenth century Shepherd Wheel, a water-powered grinding workshop. It wasn't actually open, but we could see part of the water wheel and an interesting set of steps made from millstones.

We did some more light gardening at Andrew and Becky's house - weeding the patio.

The roadworks on the M1 didn't hold us up as much on the way back as they had going, and we were back at Wolverton at 2000.

Ally brought us back to the boat this afternoon, and we have just had a good meal at the Wharf Inn with Peter and Fran of Sonflower. They drove up from Banbury for the occasion. A number of boats at the moorings have their stoves going as there is a chilly wind. Being hardy types we're holding out for now.

And tomorrow we can resume our trip south along the Oxford Canal. We might first just treat ourselves to a little lie-in in the morning.


Nev Wells said...

Retirement .... to be recommended I guess ?

Halfie said...

You are going to love it, Nev!