Sunday, 4 January 2015

Two Wolverton churches at Christmas

On Christmas Eve we* went to Holy Trinity church, Old Wolverton, for the "midnight" service. It was good, even though Jan nearly expired from overheating as she was squashed up against some heating pipes. The church was in its bicentennial year; I know that as there was a banner at the front with "Holy Trinity 1814 - 2014" on it. The interior is amazing. The round east window dominates; apart from that there are painted wooden ceilings (not visible in this photo).

On Christmas Day itself most of us** went to St. George's Church, Wolverton, for the morning service. Somehow I neglected to take a photo.

And on the Sunday, just three days later, Jan and I went back to Holy Trinity, having brought the boat to within a few hundred yards. The church is just along the road from The Galleon (Bridge 68 on the GU).

The church is beautifully positioned in fields next to the River Great Ouse, with excellent metalled paths alongside, and is by the just discernible remains of the mediaeval village.

Jumping forward a week to today, this was the sunset we witnessed over local fields while out for a walk this afternoon.

*David, Penny, Jemima, Jan and Halfie

**David, Penny, Florence, Fergus, Ally, Ben, Jan and Halfie

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