Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Picture quiz: a different view

Here's part of the same thing as yesterday's picture.

The frost is pretty clear (if a bit blurred) but can you guess what the whole thing is (no pun intended)?


Bill.S said...

Hmm? The second pic looks like a sink or shower drain. Or a fuel or water filler deck mounting, but why isn't it plugged? Considering your focus problem, it's probably something much smaller. You say yes to the 'frost' answers, but it do'nt look like water ice to me. The crystals look more cubic in structure, like sugar, than the hexagonal of water. I'd expect the latter to be more dendritic too, like Jack Frost's fingers on a 1950s winter window. So here's my theory. Jan's been dusting mince pies with icing sugar, has swept the surplus into a sink, and has rinsed it away with as little water as possible. Then you've dashed out to the pub. So the concentrated sugar has had time to cool and crystalise in that fascinating way. Or it's a pan-scourer cleverly used to stop hairs getting into the shower pump without messing up the tea-strainer!
Best wishes, Bill.S

Halfie said...

Interesting theories but, no, you're wrong, Bill. It is common or garden water frost. Wider view coming very soon ...