Wednesday, 2 June 2021

He'll make a fine lock boy

After Stowe Hill (was it Flore?) there was work going on around an overspill weir.
That's what it looked like, anyway.
We had a salad lunch in shifts on the move, and stopped at Blisworth just past Candle Bridge for grandchildren Josiah and Micah to join us, with their parents Ally and Ben. It's a good job we stopped at the first available mooring as there was easy car parking there, whereas opposite the mill a new development has blocked access.

We all enjoyed the trip through Blisworth Tunnel and went straight on to the locks, where there were plenty of gongoozlers at the top lock.
Micah mostly stayed on the boat with Ally ...
... but five-year-old Josiah got stuck in, helping with opening and closing gates.
After tying up at the bottom I cycled back to retrieve Ally and Ben's vehicle, then we all ate at the Navigation. Josiah is staying with us overnight; we will rendezvous with his parents at Old Wolverton tomorrow.

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Great-grandfather said...

Great to see Josiah helping. I wonder if he will catch the bug like his grandfather!