Thursday, 16 March 2017

Boat maintenance ahead

It's getting near return-to-the-boat time. The first destination is the Grand Junction Boat Company at Gayton Junction where we will see if they can fix the water ingress problem (from a couple of windows). I have also asked them to fix a pigeon box flap where one of the welds has come apart; while they have the boat I'll get them to replace the engine coolant.

But for now it's been excellent weather for getting on with gardening jobs. I gave the lawn its first cut of the year two days ago; today I have been moving concrete slabs and trimming the hedge while Jan has been weeding. Yesterday I finished rendering the end wall of the barn, if the weather keeps fine I intend to give it a coat of black tar tomorrow.

In the warm sunshine yesterday I managed to picture this peacock butterfly feeding from a crocus before it flew away (the butterfly, not the crocus).

We even had our lunch sitting outside! Today has been a little cooler, with a bit of a chilly wind.

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Vallypee said...

I sense that spring feeling...plans, activity and butterflies!