Sunday, 26 June 2016

We remained (in Middlewich)

At Malkin's Bank on the T&M is a pair of locks where the offside lock has some curiously rusty paddle gear.

The metalwork furthest from the camera has been painted black, as usual, but the three others have been left untreated. I seem to remember this from the last time we came this way, two years ago, I think. Did the paint run out?

We had originally intended to move on up the Middlewich Branch today, but after going to church this morning, and hearing about a service based on the EU referendum result in the evening, we decided to stay and go to it. We were glad we did, as it was very good. It wasn't in the church building, but in the "Church@28" house opposite. The leader did a thorough summing up of what led to the referendum and went through some analysis of how the country voted. He used clear graphics on the screen and did a job worthy of any TV programme. The rest of the evening included an interview with the chaplain of Crewe Alexandra Football Club, again, very interesting.

We'll definitely move on tomorrow, keeping an ear on the news as we do so. Surely Jeremy Corbyn can't survive as leader of the Labour party much longer? And what will George Osborne say tomorrow morning to steady the markets? Interesting times.

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