Saturday, 25 June 2016

Sinking workboat?

We have stayed put in Middlewich today, giving ourselves a "day off". The high street was closed to traffic as it was given over to a "makers' fair", with lots of craft and food stalls. We weren't tempted. In the afternoon I cycled to Lidl in the sunshine and got a surprise when I glanced out of the window after being in there only five minutes. It was raining hard. By the time I'd paid for my purchase it had stopped.

We had the leftover curry from last night for tea. Why is it that curries lose their heat the next day? Mine had chopped fresh green chilli - plenty of bite yesterday but not noticeable today.

I took no photos today, so here are a couple from earlier. From the 20th, in fact, at Trentham, I think it was.

A work boat looks in danger of sinking, possibly as a result of all the rain we've had. You might just be able to see the water in the boat.

Hmm. Thinking about it, I should probably have told CRT. Bit late now. Actually, there's still a good few inches of freeboard, so perhaps it looks worse than it is.

Tomorrow we'll go to church in the town, then probably move up the Middlewich Branch. Depending on showers.

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eeyore said...

There is a hopper actually sunk opposite Bulbourne Yard.