Friday, 1 August 2014

Snaking our way onto the Peak Forest Canal

As I write this, eating a slice of bread with some of Helen Tidy's delicious Lemon and Lavender Marmalade on it, it's just been raining. Not a lot, but enough to give the outside world a bit of a wetting.

This is a morning update so that I can post some of yesterday's photos, starting with one of the Macclesfield Canal's turnover bridges, known as snake bridges.

There are clear indications that we're entering "the north", and it's not just the changing accents of the people we greet. This is Hovis Mill in Macclesfield, where the bread was made.

Then come Adelphi and Clarence Mills, followed by Goyt Mill.

At Marple Junction the Macclesfield Canal joins the older Peak Forest Canal.

We've been treated to excellent views of hills far and near on the Macc, but on the Peak Forest it seems to step up a gear. This not very good photo shows some of what's on offer. The view across the Goyt(?) valley gets even better as you go towards Bugsworth/Whaley Bridge.

This is where we are now (and it's started raining again). Bugsworth Basin.

As soon as I hit "publish" we'll explore our surroundings.

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