Sunday, 31 August 2014

Night-time drama in Newark

While staying up too late writing last night's post, and reading on CWDF about Fairstar, a 1939 wooden cruiser - one of the Dunkirk Little Ships - currently sitting on the bottom of the Thames, I was disturbed by a helicopter flying low overhead and not going away. This was at about 0115 (yes, I know). After it hadn't gone away for some time I looked out of the window and saw a lot of flashing blue lights on the other side of the cut.

A police helicopter was illuminating the scene with a searchlight. There was activity in the water at the foot of a ladder set into the wall. I feared the worst, but this evening I read on the Newark Advertiser website that a woman who had apparently fallen in was being rescued.

At a more civilised time in the morning we went to Newark Evangelical Church, then we carried on our way. Just the other side of the bridge is Newark Castle, reaching right down to the water.

Newark Town Lock was surrounded by gongoozlers, and we were joined in the lock by a splendid-looking wooden boat 111 years old. (Another Dunkirk boat.)

Here is Shahjehan bearing down on us preparing to overtake.

Apparently she was once owned by Semprini, the famous musician.

One more shot as she passed:

We tied up for the night against a highish wall just above Gunthorpe Lock. We discovered later that there was space on the floating pontoon moorings just before the bridge, but we managed to get the stern aligned with a ladder so decided to stay put.

After a walk after tea we got chatting to the owners of a cruiser moored in front of us, Papillon Two. Simon and Stella invited us on board for a glass of wine, so we climbed up to the flybridge (I think it's called) and watched the stars come out. We were a bit nearer to hem up there! It did seem like quite a long way down to the water. I think it was the first time I'd been on one of those tall cruisers. Then S+S came for a look round Jubilee.

Nottingham tomorrow.

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