Saturday, 29 December 2012

Meeting Adam and Adrian in MK

Woohoo! We're cruising again! Yes, we've uprooted Ally and Ben's home and steered it away from their marina. It's all right: they know! Ally is on board with us (that should be "we're on board with her") and Ben is at work.

We got away from Milton Keynes Marina in light drizzle at about 0930 and stopped at Campbell Park for a pre-arranged rendezvous with Adam and Adrian on Briar Rose. The drizzle had stopped, and we had a brief guided tour of each other's boats, before A+A set off for Cosgrove.

We on Jubilee hung around for a while, drinking coffee and waiting for Ally's friend Kim to join us.

Then we set off in ever increasing rain until we decided to stop for lunch at Giffard Park. There was a convenient One Stop for a newspaper. Resuming our northward journey the weather improved, and we stopped in the almost dark next to Briar Rose again.

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