Saturday, 6 March 2010

Inland seagulls

On my cycle to work this morning I passed a field which was being ploughed. I just had to stop to take a snap or two of the enormous number of seagulls in attendance.

It actually looked more impressive than this but, by the time I'd fished the camera out of the panier, the tractor had turned and the gulls had thinned out a bit.

Perhaps they were scared off by my hi-vis jacket. No such problems on the cut, although I've seen more than one boater wearing a fluorescent coat.

This is at the top of Watford Staircase locks in February last year on a trip from Stockton Top to Market Harborough and back. We saw Hi-Vis Man quite a lot during the week.

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Mike and Poppy said...

The number of Gulls following the plough has a bad side. The Gulls eat all the worms. After several seasons of ploughing the land becomes impoverished with regards to the wildlife food web.

Mick & Maggie
NB Wits End.