Thursday, 12 July 2018

Braunston Historic Narrowboat Rally 2018

How did I get so far behind with my blog posts? It's been far too long and much has happened. The trouble is, I'm beginning to forget what we've done - and the blog is for recording just that. Perhaps this post will be the start of another spurt of online activity.

We had contrived to be in Braunston over the weekend of 23rd and 24th June to coincide with the Historic Narrowboat Rally.

The parades, as always, were pretty chaotic.

It was good to meet many friends at the event. Sarah and Jim were there with Chertsey; Jim entertained the neighbours with some 78s.

There was much washing and polishing before the event got under way.

Well-known boaters Prunella Scales and Timothy West did some readings at a service on the Sunday morning. The service commemorated Braunston people killed in the first world war and in subsequent wars.

I had the privilege of steering Kew on most of one of the parades.

And now an update on where we are: Northampton. We have started our foray onto new waters, that is, the Nene, the Middle Levels and the Great Ouse. We're heading to St. Neots for the IWA Festival at the end of August.

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