Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Having one's knuckles rapped - by CRT

Oops! This evening I looked at my e-mails and discovered one from CRT headed "Please keep cruising if you've been moored for over 14 days". In it I was very politely told that my boat had been seen moored in the same general area for more than 14 days. The message included links to the relevant parts of the licence conditions. How could this have happened?  Well, we moored by Bridge 5 for two weeks, then moved to opposite Lyon's Boatyard for a further two weeks. This was while we were working on a house we let nearby. I had hoped that moving from Bridge 5 would be sufficient, but it appears that moving half a mile or so still counts as the "same general area".

our mooring opposite Lyon's Boatyard
Very few people stop at either location, and I had hoped that that might mean that the mooring police would not have bothered. But I'm impressed that we had been clocked.

When I read the e-mail we had already moved on - to Hopwood on the Worcester and Birmingham - but I wonder what the minimum moving distance might have been. The two miles to King's Norton Junction? Or less? Anyway, we have now finished the planned work at the house so we are cruising at last.  And I am very sorry to have been judged as overstaying.

Yesterday we were in Sheffield visiting Andrew. This electrical shop in Wicker caught my eye. It looks like just the sort of shop I would have loved as a small boy. I'd probably quite enjoy it now too.

The signs on the windows look as though they haven't changed from the 1980s, advertising 'video and cassette tapes', 'drive belts' and 'stylus', among other electrical essentials such as fire elements and urn spares. It's not all in the past, though. There's a website address above the shop.


Neil Corbett said...

Hmmm. I wonder how often these emails are sent out to the real overstayers. Especially those in London. You would think a quick look at your record would show them that you generally keep moving, and cover a lot of ground!
Kath (nb Herbie)

Jim said...

The couple who bought Starcross to live on in London told me they asked CRT how far they should move to keep within the rules. CRT wouldn't tell them but said they would let them know if they weren't doing so. Apparently CRT feel that if they gave people a minimum target then everyone would just stick to that, but by not telling people they hope they'll move a greater distance!
One of the reasons I gave up boat monitoring for the Trust was that monitors were given no feedback on what our work was actually achieving.

Andrew Tidy said...

If it helps there were 900 mooring warnings issued in London last year, but some boats will have got lots and most none at all! Welcome to the bridgehoppers club!

eeyore said...

If you go away and return within 14 days you could get an email too! The 1995 BW Act does not say you can't return. CT try to "legislate" outside of Parliament by issuing "Terms and Conditions". It is NABO's opinion that some of them are unlawful! Now, who would think that a reputable Charity could do such a thing! In London they have even created a Canal And River Trust Act and bylaws to go with it according to local signage! (see NABO news 4 July 2017 p10 and )

Halfie said...

I am trying to keep to the rules, however much they might be disputed by some people. We were at Bridge 5 for 14 days, then a bit further on for another 12 days or so. Now the boat is well away from that area, on a 14 day mooring, while we attend to matters at home. We'll be back on board tomorrow to continue our journey south. Hooray - boating soon!