Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Triple parapet bridge

Someone a while ago wondered whether there were any more examples of a turnover bridge with attached roadway besides Bridge 95 on Braunston Puddle Banks. Last year I found one on the BCN (Spon Lane Bridge on the Old Main Line).

And here's another. Bridge 47 just north of Gayton Junction on the GU.

Not a good photo, but Milton Road crosses the canal on the same structure, meaning that between the two parapets is a third wall separating the road from the towpath as it is taken over the canal.


Bill.S said...

There's another on the Lancaster, just southward of the Glasson branch junction. There is a farm accomodation track as well as the turnover. I've seen more (but can't remember where just at this instant); I think they are not uncommon. Regards, Bill.S

Anonymous said...

The one at Autherley Junction is another. Marty