Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Inner tube retired

I did a spot of bicycle maintenance today. My folding bike had a flat tyre. When I removed the inner tube to locate the puncture I decided that it was time to retire it. Excuse the pun.

There were already 13 patches on this tube! And the latest thorn had pierced one of those patches.

The bike is now up and running again with a brand new inner tube in the rear wheel. Must buy a new spare now.

I cycled to pick up the Volvo 240 which had had a bit of work done to get it through the MOT. It cost more this time than probably all the previous 20 times put together. Still cheaper than a new car, though. And I'm hoping that it will last a while longer, although I'm now looking out for a 940 unless a good 240 comes along.


Alf said...

If you are on Facebook, there is a "Volvo Owners UK" site which often has cars for sale of all vintages.
Also there is a Volvo Owners Club forum where you can search for specific models advice & sales.

Halfie said...

PB also left a comment which didn't get published here, I don't know why.

What is wrong with a 740 GLE facelift? We have got 2 and they are ideal for serious boaters. My Great Leader has recently transferred her loyalties to our newest one which is two owner and less than 70000 miles and was bought for 700 pounds four months ago.

Halfie said...

Alf, I'm not on Facebook but I am a member of the Volvo Owners' Club. I don't tend to look at their forums, though.

PB, you seem to have an eye for amazing Volvo bargains. Perhaps I should commission you!

eeyore said...

There are 5 "940"s on Auto Trader. A nice 5 door "R" reg with 120000 miles at £1500. Not bad for a man of your stature. Email the owner and make an offer. (a different PB)