Wednesday, 17 August 2016

How does Anchor Bridge stay up?

We left our 48 hour mooring outside the BCLM and travelled along the Old Main Line to Birmingham. Anchor Bridge has a very flat brick span. The bricks in the underside of the arch in the middle can't possibly be in compression, can they? How do they stay in place?

There's a lot of metal industry along here as well as a huge DPD depot. The bays are numbered up to 118B (even numbers only, but with an "A" and a "B"). One company does "all alloy slitting", whatever that is.

Just before Summit Tunnel I suddenly picked up a large quantity of thick plastic round the prop. It was about lunchtime so we took the opportunity to enjoy the peaceful surroundings in the sunshine.

We detoured down the Engine Arm and marvelled at the CRT facility block and other services available to the moorers down there.

Here we are crossing the aqueduct over the New Main Line.

The masonry blocks lining the towpath bridge have curious regular circular depressions. Is this purely decorative or is it something to do with how the stone has been worked?

Have I ever asked so many questions in a single blog post?

We are now in Cambrian Wharf, having secured the far end mooring along the edge. We had a good barbecue on the hard surface outside the boat with very few passers by. The Flapper pub is quiet, meaning that this is a very peaceful spot in the centre of the city. Unlike last night there is no traffic noise.


Les Biggs said...

Does the brickwork form the roof of the bridge and is the main support or is it a modern day concrete construction faced in brick purely as decoration.

Tom and Jan said...

That appears to be a very modern bridge. I suspect it is reinforced concrete with a brick veneer.

Anonymous said...

Well, I always asked questions on the blog in the hope that someone would answer them so let's see if this link helps!

It's a "Ferro-Concrete Construction "Hennebique" System" and was designed by Mouchel in 1929/1930 - "modern" is a relative term on the canals!

I'll ask Richard (the engineer) what that actually means :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Halfie said...

Les, I think Tom has answered your question.

Tom, yes, according to the date plaque under the name the bridge was constructed in 1994.

Sue, I clicked on the link and read something about Oldbury Urban District Council's Anchor Bridge Ferro-Concrete Construction etc. but didn't really know what I was looking at (there were no pictures!)