Thursday, 17 July 2014

Marine 16 - which bottle should I use?

One thing I forgot to mention in yesterday's post was the rain. Yes, it rained, but only in the evening after we had tied up, and not heavily.

Today we set off from Gayton at 0815 and made good progress up the Buckby locks and down the Braunston ones, mostly in the very good company of Peter and Laura on Stanton.

Somehow I failed to take any decent photos today, and only two which included Stanton, so here they are. Sorry.

At Wharf House Chandlery at Braunston Bottom Lock I bought some oil, an oil filter and an air filter so I have them to hand at the next engine service. While there I asked about Marine 16 diesel treatment, as I think I probably ought to start putting something into the fuel to minimise the risk of diesel bug (of which, thankfully, I have not been a victim).

But - oh no! - there are TWO types of Marine 16! One is in a small (100ml) bottle and looks like a clear liquid. This treats 1000 litres. The other is in a larger (500ml) bottle and looks brown. Which should I use?

We tied up outside Braunston Marina and met up with, and had a great evening with, Andy and Helen (Capt. Ahab and Belle) of Wand'ring Bark and Montgomery. After tea, champagne (!) and cashew nuts we repaired to the Boatman pub for a meal. This was notable for two instances of squish-and-splatter. What's that? I hear you ask. Squish is when someone treads on a dropped pack of butter or sauce. Splatter is when said butter or sauce is ejected forcibly from the pack and coats one's head and the wall beyond with said butter or sauce. All right, "coats" may be too strong a word. But, after a waiter walked past, I scraped butter out of my hair, and the wall was spattered in butter. I initially thought that someone had suddenly thrown custard around. Amazingly, a few minutes later, Andy managed to tread on a tomato ketchup pack with similarly violent results (but my head wasn't in the way this time, I'm glad to say). If only I'd had my camera with me!

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