Thursday, 3 August 2017

Hulks and bridges

The weather was kinder to us today as we returned from Sharpness to Gloucester. There was only a little rain, but the wind - in our backs - was strong. Only a mile after setting off we stopped at Purton to look at the Purton Hulks, boats which were deliberately sunk last century to protect the bank of the canal from erosion by the Severn.

There are 20 or so in various states of decay, but which are now seen as an important collection of historic boats. Each one is named on individual plaques.

This is what remains of Edith ...

... with her plaque provided by the Friends of Purton.

What with it not raining so much - we even had some sunshine! - I managed to take a few picture of some of the moveable bridges we encountered. This is Splatt Bridge (lovely name).

And here is Llanthony Bridge fully raised for the two small hire boats in front and us.

That's all for now - tomorrow we'll find out how fast we can or cannot go against the current of the Severn as we aim for Tewkesbury and the Avon.

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