Tuesday, 27 June 2017

These historic boats have been shifting

I was elsewhere when a small fleet of historic boats passed our boat this morning, so these are Jan's photos - thanks Jan. I didn't see President and Kildare at the historic boat show at Braunston, but some of the others in this procession were certainly there.

Steamer President is usually seen towing butty Kildare, but here President is itself under tow.

And here comes Kildare. I can't make out the names of the towing boats - can someone identify them for me?

Emu followed after a short interval (I'm told). This boat won a water can for "Best in show".

I believe these boats may have left Braunston on Saturday afternoon (we didn't see them during out visit on Sunday). Even so, they have made good progress as CanalPlan reckons on 22 hours to get here to Lyon's Boatyard. They passed us between 1000 and 1100 this morning.


Anonymous said...

President was towed by Jaguar and Lynx towed Kildare. I think they left Braunston on Sunday morning.


Halfie said...

Thanks Marty. That's even more impressive running!