Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Crane collapses in high winds

It's a bit late ... but Happy Easter to you! We went to London to stay with David and Penny for a few days; eleven of us enjoyed a lovely lamb lunch on Easter Sunday. The next day Jan, David and I walked round Greenwich and came across a street sealed off with police tape. A crane had collapsed in the early hours of the morning as a result of the high winds.

There were a couple of good vantage points to see what was going on. At one point workers were doing something on the platform.

It narrowly missed crashing into a pub.

Just yards away was more evidence of the strength of the wind, although the core of this tree was rotten.

Another few yards took us to the foreshore of the Thames, where David and I did a little light scavenging.

There was the usual collection of clay pipe fragments, with a large amount of animal bone pieces.

We had thought about going on to the boat, but a neighbour e-mailed to say that one of our fence panels had blown down so we decided to go home instead. We'll be boating soon!

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Vallypee said...

An amateur archaeologist would love exploring on those banks! We had very strong winds here too. I've ween several big motorway signs totally buckled! I'm glad the crane didn't hit anything important!