Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Garden scene; cold boat

Another cold morning. The sun got to work burning off the frost; this is next door's land seen from our garden.

I hope our boat's OK in this cold weather, all unlived in in the marina. I understand it's going to get milder later this week (phew!); meanwhile I expect there's a certain amount of ice breaking being done by any boats on the move.

Ally visited the boat briefly today in order to close the internal door between the engine room and the rest of the boat. I had forgotten to shut it when leaving a week ago; with it open there's not much protection from icy blasts around the back doors (and coming through the vents). We have a thermostatically controlled fan heater in the cabin, set to minimum, but there's no point heating the outside.

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Vallypee said...

It's been very cold here this week too, Halfie. I've been slithering over frost decks myself for the last few mornings!