Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Ammeter update and other small jobs

Hmm. I rewired the shunt this morning hoping to detect charging current flowing into the batteries, but the meter displayed 0.0A. Either the display unit isn't working or there's something else I've missed.

We came up to Jubilee on Sunday; I've done one or two jobs on board and we've been helping at Ally and Ben's house nearby. This evening I finished building a high-level cupboard in baby's room (only three or so weeks to go).

On the boat I wondered why the shower waste pump wouldn't automatically switch off, so I checked the hair filter. This was completely clogged. (I thought I'd cleaned it very recently - apparently not!) Cleaned - now all is well.

When we got back to the boat this evening we couldn't open the internal door from the engine room into the cabin. It has a Yale-type lock; the key just wouldn't move the latch. We were able to enter via the front doors and I took the lock apart. The thing that rotates to withdraw the latch had rotated too far; I managed to put it in its right place. The mechanism now seems to work but I expect it failed because it is worn. I'm expecting it to fail again some time.


Neil Corbett said...

I our experience those shower pump filters clog up pretty quickly, but at least ours is easy to get at and clean out. Perhaps you need to post a diagram of your shunt wiring to the collective brains of the blogosphere can help you out.

Halfie said...

Neil, it's the first time our hair filter has clogged so effectively. Ours is also easy to access and clean.

Yes, I'll draw how I've connected it all up and do another post about it. I don't know how to draw circuits on the computer so I'll have to do it on paper and photograph it.