Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Dust fills the sky as another tree comes down at Halfie Towers

We had the second large ash tree felled a couple of days ago. It had a lot of dead wood in the canopy, and chunks were frequently coming down. When the tree surgeon got up there he said it had the "die-back" affliction (although the tree looked reasonably healthy last year).

The weather was friendlier than last time; the blue sky made a great backdrop for the sawdust flying around.

Down comes another log.

Below is my favourite photo; the sky seemingly filled with the sawdust from Daniel's chainsaw.

I positioned myself such that the sawdust was drifting directly at me - I said the weather was friendly!

This is the tree before work started. A shame it's gone now, but we do have a huge pile of logs now! Some of which I have chopped up.

I helped on the ground the whole time; Daniel was so impressed with my assistance that he asked if I'd be interested in helping him on future jobs. Could a new career be starting?

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