Saturday, 12 April 2014


A day without going anywhere. Not by boat, that is. It's been another fine, sunny day, although with a slightly chilly breeze. It was still warm enough for shorts, though.

We walked/cycled into Market Harborough (Jan walked; I cycled) for shopping/looking round. I also scraped, sanded and primed the bare patches on the wooden front doors. Topcoat tomorrow, probably. The waste from the sink in the bathroom suffers from poor flow, as the hose has a slight droop between the connection under the sink and the hole in the panelling it goes through. Stale, smelly water tends to collect here; the smell is often noticeable in the bathroom. I disconnected the hose and blew hard down it to clear the blockage. Perhaps a better solution would be to fit a bottle trap to prevent the smells coming up. Or else I might be able to elongate the hole in the panelling to run the hose in a continuous downwards direction. I also gave the Thetford loo a good clean with antibacterial foam spray and a lot of rubbing. It smells much sweeter now!

I persuaded Jan to accompany me on a short cycle ride: we went round Woodlands Road, the road with all the mansions which back onto the canal as it does its gentle hairpin approach to Union Wharf. Not one of the houses there sported a "For Sale" sign.

Speaking of houses, on our cruise in to Market Harborough we spotted one largish dwelling with canal frontage which did have a "For Sale" sign. We looked it up today, and saw that the asking price was £250,000. Then we looked more closely at the details, and discovered that it was prefabricated from asbestos! And it appears to be next door to a "park homes"/travellers' site. Perhaps someone with a lot of money will buy it, demolish the house and build a few more houses on the 3/4 acre site. It would still be next to the park homes, though.

So, what's "stonking", I hear you ask?

Our meal this evening, that's what. Last night's Wetherspoon's was good, but tonight we went to "Indian Zest" in St. Mary's Road, an Indian/Nepalese restaurant. Jan's Modu Murg was very tasty, made with parsnip crisps (not exclusively). I had Ghurkali Lamb Curry, a Nepalese dish with exactly the right amount of heat, and a heavenly taste. We shall eat there again, I'm sure.

Before writing this tonight we discovered that we'd run out of data on our mobile broadband. This is something we'd not managed to do before, always running out of days before running out of data. Perhaps we do a lot more browsing than we did in the past. Still, I don't know how we managed to use a gigabyte of data in six days, especially as we are careful not to look at moving pictures. I topped up with another ten quid -let's hope this can last the rest of our cruise. (I wonder if it's automatic updates on the computer? The "3" website mentioned something about turning these off. I'll investigate ...)

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