Tuesday, 29 April 2014

St. George's Day, with flag, at Stoke Bruerne

23rd April 2014

Here's my photographic record of some of the events of St. George's Day at Stoke Bruerne last week.

A TV crew was filming: for The Food Programme, according to Kathryn.

After some Morris dancing and children's singing there were some speeches ...

... and then the flag was hoisted.

This was a triumph for Kathryn of Leo No. 2, whose request to BT culminated in overhead phone lines being rerouted so that the flagpole could be used.

The crowd applauded and the rain got heavier.

Some went to the pub; some went home. We returned to Jubilee.

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Steve Parkin said...

I see my friend Geoff was getting very wet in the Morris side!

Best wishes, Steve
NB Albert