Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Painting the facilities block at Gayton Junction

8th April 2014

It was good to be able to work in some volunteering to our Easter cruise.

We were the only volunteers to arrive by boat, being able to tie up conveniently on the 24 hour mooring at Gayton Junction.

At 1000 I introduced myself and was issued with the obligatory hi-vis vest and given the task of helping with the painting.

CRT had provided a scaffolding tower: here I am painting the black woodwork.

Jan helped as well. She seems somehow to have missed out on the hi-vis.

This is what the building looked like when we packed up at 1400. The grotty-looking wall has been patched up with mortar ready for the white masonry paint.

A subsequent work task party will attend to that, as well as the iron railings round the slipway. The railings are visible behind the facilities block. They'll have to manage without us, though, as we're back home and more than a hundred miles away.

It felt good being able to contribute in a small way directly to the upkeep of the canal environment. I think I'd like to get involved with canal restoration, such as on a WRG work camp, but Jan might take a bit of persuading!

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