Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter Cruise 2014: Foxton (hardly moved, but I joined a club and surprised Jan)

Let's get the "hardly moved" bit out of the way first: this morning I reversed the boat a good three or four boat lengths to be as near as possible to Foxton Junction. This would make it easier to reverse to the junction itself tomorrow when we need to go up the locks; and it would bring us nearer to the historic boats moored along the Market Harborough arm.

Having enquired at the shop about newspapers, and having been told that the only ones they had had been pre-ordered (or is that "ordered"?), I cycled to the Jet garage on the B4046 just down the road from the Pears factory and bought a Times for us and a Guardian for Jim on Chertsey.

We were pleased to be able to entertain the Herbies, Neil and Kath, with Grace, on Jubilee this morning, supplying them with coffee, hot chocolate and hot cross buns.

After lunch I cycled to Market Harborough for some provisions, as well as chain lubrication for the bike. On a visit (yet another visit) to the historic boats I let myself be persuaded by Chertsey Sarah to join the Historic Narrow Boat Club. This would mean that we would be able to join in the fun at the village hall, where an evening of entertainment was promised. But how would I tell Jan that we I had joined? (Jan was worried that the quarterly newsletter would add to the growing pile of canal publications at home.) I had somehow convinced Jan that we would be admitted to the HNBC gathering in the village hall, no questions asked.

During the evening various people performed songs or performed monologues.

This was my chance.

To Jan's great surprise I suddenly appeared in front of the throng and announced that I was the HNBC's newest member (unless anyone had joined more recently than three hours before). I then played the Skye Boat Song on my recorder. Not a patch on the Herbies' music making earlier, on dulcimer (Kath) and guitar/vocals (Neil), but it received respectful applause all the same.

Tomorrow Ben and Ally will join us for the ascent of Foxton Locks as we prepare to return southward.

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