Thursday, 3 April 2014

Route planning to take in painting at Gayton Junction

I have now planned our schedule for the outward "half" of our Easter cruise. "Half" in inverted commas as the outward part is shorter (in time, at least) than the return part.

The trip takes in a four hour stop at Gayton Junction to assist with a work party painting the service block and associated railings etc. I saw the briefest of items in Canal Boat's "diary" section and had an encouraging response from an e-mail I sent.

The above photo shows the former BW yard, now occupied by the Grand Junction Boat Co. Were the areas separated by brick walls originally coal bunkers?

Here is the route plan:

Mon 7th April: Thrupp Wharf Marina to Stoke Bruerne or Blisworth
Tue 8th April am: Stoke Bruerne/Blisworth to Gayton Junction
Tue 8th April pm: Gayton Junction to Weedon
Wed 9th April: Weedon to Crick
Thu 10th April: Crick to Foxton Top Lock
Fri 11th April: Foxton Top Lock to Market Harborough
Sat 12th April: Market Harborough to Debdale Wharf Marina

The stop at Foxton coincides neatly with a talk entitled "Foxton Locks 1814 - 2014" which starts at 1830 in the "Canal Museum" and ends via a treasure hunt at the Bridge 61 pub (can't wait!) (Another diary entry in Canal Boat magazine).

The planning stops at Debdale Wharf Marina as that is where Jubilee's bottom will be spanked blacked. The boat will be removed from the water - or the water from the boat - on the following Monday, but we need to be there early. We are told that the boat should be back in the water on the Wednesday; I shall plan the return trip accordingly.

If any blog reader would like to make themselves known to us en route we should be very happy to see them. There is plenty of tea and coffee on board!

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