Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter 2014: Foxton Bottom to Foxton Top

Easter Sunday - when we celebrate Jesus's resurrection: the foundation of the Christian faith. We went to the 11.30 service at Foxton parish church, St. Andrew's, and were surprised and pleased by the presence of a choir formed of the local singing group (Foxton and Gumley Singers?). The vicar, Ian Gemmell, seems a bit of a character!

On the way back from church we met James and Amy on their way back from a fruitless visit to Jubilee, so we turned them round, took them to the boat and supplied them with coffee and biscuits.

Ally and Ben arrived; James and Amy left; we had a salad lunch. Then Ally got down to essay writing, assisted by Jan, and Ben accompanied me to the "tat auction" in the village hall. I bid for nothing. On the way back I booked in with the lockie for our ascent of the locks. By the time I'd reversed to the junction we had to wait only a few minutes before we were beckoned in to the bottom lock. Ben did the paddles and gates while I steered - a rare event for me! We tied up at the top, convenient for Ben to return to his car (Ally is staying on board until Crick or beyond, tomorrow.)

It was soon teatime, for which we had our main meal of roast lamb.

And then it was time for the HNBC Quiz back in the village hall. I found myself teaming up with the Herbies, the Moomins and Chertsey Sarah (Jim preferring bar operation to quizzes). I'd like to think that I contributed something towards our eventual success in not coming last.

I cycled back to the boat by road, and now I am writing this. I've just pressed a button by mistake, and the text size has gone really small - oh dear!

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