Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Boating weather?

According to my trusty, dusty, Maplin indoor/outdoor thermometer, which I believe to be reasonably accurate, the temperature here in Norwich reached almost 20˚C this afternoon.

It might have actually got there, but if it did I didn't see it.

I have another in/out thermometer on Jubilee, with a useful max/min function, but its two sensors don't agree with each other. Putting the "remote" sensor in the same place as the main unit the two temperature readings differ by 2.0˚C.

Boating weather? Definitely. But so also is 0.1˚, rain, sleet, snow ... A year ago it was freezing, with snow lying in shady spots. This was 6th April 2013 on the Trent.

I'm currently planning our Easter cruise: I'll post details here soon.


Andy Healey said...

At Hethel it was deffo 20 degrees. had to have the aircon on yesterday.

Halfie said...

You're not far away, then.