Sunday, 13 April 2014

Easter Cruise 2014: Market Harborough to Debdale Wharf Marina

This morning we found that the batteries had run down to the extent that the inverter had switched itself off. I had hoped that the solar panels would have kept the batteries charged enough, but the (mains) fridge running overnight combined with not having run the engine for a couple of days took a toll. While Jan went to the shower block (no hot water on board) I ran the engine while topping up with water. The water points at the 48 hour moorings are very handy, but are not as high pressure as others we've used.

We walked into Market Harborough for the Palm Sunday service at St. Dionysius. It was an "all age" service, so good for families with young children, but necessarily light on teaching. I had brought my bike so was able to whizz back to the boat. I was eager to move off the mooring as the 48 hours were going to be up at midday. Just as I had pushed off in order to reverse to the service point Jan appeared, having walked up the hill with some shopping. Unfortunately I had passed the point of no return, but a neighbouring boater took the centre rope and pulled me back so Jan could board. At the services I attended to the cassette, then we set off for Debdale Wharf, the destination of our Easter cruise.

Just before Foxton we stopped by a large tree which had come down and cut up some more small logs. All the good stuff had gone! All the moorings from the road swing bridge to the junction were reserved for boats attending the Historic Narrow Boat Club gathering next weekend. One boat, Enterprise, had arrived early and was tied up near the Black Horse pub. Foxton Junction was very quiet when we got there at 1700. The car park looked full - the locks must have entertained a good number of gongoozlers.

The section between Foxton Junction and Debdale Wharf Marina was deep and almost completely clear of moored boats. At 1730 I was tying up outside the marina, ready for tomorrow's excitement. Our boat is to be lifted out of the water! Will everything crash about inside? Are we allowed to light the stove? Should I have got paint to redo the tunnel bands? We'll have to remember to get our bikes off before the lift.

Jan cooked a tasty roast lamb meal while I applied undercoat to the patches of woodwork I'd primed yesterday, then I washed one side of the boat. Access to the "outside world" is easy, despite being on the offside, so we walked down the lane to have a look at the view. It looks like good cycling country ...

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