Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter Cruise 2014: Market Harborough to Foxton (again)

Today is Good Friday, when we remember Jesus's death on the cross. We walked down the hill to Market Harborough town centre and looked round the Easter Experience exhibition in the Baptist church. Key moments from the immediate lead-up to the crucifixion and its aftermath were recreated in a series of tableaux. It was thought-provoking, to say the least. I nipped back to the boat for a coffee while Jan mooched round the shops; then we went to the reflective service in the parish church, St. Dionysius. After lunch on board we emptied the loo cassettes at the services and headed back to Foxton.

On the way we caught up with a Hire-a-Canal-Boat boat (Why can't they still be Canaltime? It would be much easier) which was zig-zagging very slowly in front. Fortunately they pulled in to let an oncoming boat past, and invited us to overtake. Phew!

At Foxton I hopped off to open the road swingbridge: Jan took Jubilee through, then I rejoined as we passed all the historic boats which had gathered for the HNBC weekend. Breasted up to Chertsey was Herbie: we exchanged greetings with Neil and Kath as we glided past. At the junction I turned right and tied up on the 48 hour moorings where we were a few days ago. Tomorrow I expect I'll reverse back to the junction, wind, and then reverse back to a slightly nearer mooring. Then we'll be facing the right way for ascending the locks on Sunday afternoon.

While Jan was cooking up a delicious chicken meal I cycled back to the Herbies where I spent a few minutes chatting to them on their boat.

After tea we walked along the old boats to the Black Horse, and then walked back again to have a beer in Bridge 61 ("Inclined Plane" - very good). That is, I had a beer, Jan didn't.

Tomorrow is a day of soaking up the atmosphere of old narrow boats - and we'll hope to catch a bit of the Herbies' music making.

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