Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easter cruise 2014: Nether Heyford to Stoke Bruerne; and raising the flag for St. George

We left Nether Heyford in bright but windy conditions, and made good progress to Gayton Junction. Here we emptied and filled what needed emptying and filling; then we mooched down to Blisworth where we stopped for coffee and a look round the church.

I bought a good value ice cream from the post office stores; we looked round the cemetery and returned to the boat as it was beginning to spit with rain. We'd hung some washing out and didn't want to impede its drying. After lunch we carried on through Blisworth Tunnel to tie up in Stoke Bruerne.

Ally joined us after we'd had tea on board. Fortunately at the time she arrived she witnessed a large gathering of people at the top lock. I say "fortunately" because until Ally asked why they were there I had forgotten that it was St. George's Day, and there was to be a special flagpole ceremony - all thanks to Kathryn of Leo No. 2.

We immediately went to see what was going on, and found a TV crew about to start filming the proceedings. I don't think we had missed anything. A Morris band did their stuff; a children's choir sang; a speech was given; and the St. George's Cross was raised to applause from the 50 or so damp spectators. It had been drizzling lightly throughout; the heavier rain held off until it was over, thankfully. I had been nipping about getting photos from what I hoped were interesting vantage points - we'll see how they came out in later blog posts.

Well, this is the first wettish day since our painting session at Gayton Junction nearly three weeks ago - oh yes, we had a shower last Sunday evening. But we've enjoyed excellent weather overall.

Tomorrow Jubilee will be snug on its mooring at Thrupp Wharf; and we have a bit of car shuffling to do to help out some friends, involving Marsworth and Braunston.

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