Sunday, 27 April 2014

Interesting communication system in the Bridge 61 pub at Foxton

We're home again after a wonderful Easter cruise, and an equally splendid weekend away in Great Malvern for a Boaters' Christian Fellowship committee do. (Jan is on the committee; I merely accompanied her.) I walked up onto the Malvern Hills twice: when the rain cleared there were excellent views over Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire - and probably several other counties as well. I could see Wales in the distance.

And now I'm home I can use the Mac and upload photos. Here's one of a notice in the Bridge 61 pub by the Foxton Locks.

It reads: "It would be appreciated if you would not use your mobile phone inside these premises. Please use the coat hooks provided under the shelves. Thank you."

Perhaps you tap out a message in Morse code ...

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Anonymous said...

Haha this sign is due to the owner finding people talking on the phone mid way through a conversation to be rude and prefers people to use their phone outside.

You would be surprise how many customers are happy about this particular rule as they are of the same opinion.

I think morse code is a bit extreme when you can still talk to each other in the pub though hahaha