Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter cruise 2014: Foxton Top to Buckby Top; and problems with e-mails

Got up reasonably early this morning, and walked down the locks to the shop to buy some milk. We set off along the long summit pound of the Leicester Section at 0830 and didn't stop until Crick, where I cycled to the Co-op to get more supplies. We've been leapfrogging with FMC Crane; they passed us just as I was getting back to the boat from the Co-op.

Our next stop was at Watford Locks, where we were ninth in the queue to descend. Fortunately there wasn't much coming up, and we were all allowed to go down one after the other. (There were eleven boats in the end: the two behind us were Emu with its Bolinder engine and Alder.) The boat in front was Crane. In the penultimate lock of the staircase the cill managed to lift Crane's rudder out of the skeg: they had to stop at the bottom to sort it. So we overtook again.

We turned left at Norton Junction and stopped just below Buckby Top Lock. Here Ben met us having driven from work in Milton Keynes, and we went for a meal in the New Inn.

Bock on the boat I finally had to confront the problems I've been having with Hotmail. For some reason, not instigated by me, I kept getting the following when trying to sign in to my e-mails:

Did you request a security info change?
nnnnnnn@mmmm started a process to change the password or security info for this Microsoft account. This process will be completed on 21/5/2014.
If you made this change, choose "Yes, this was me" and we'll help you get back in to your account.
If you didn't make this change, choose "No, this wasn't me" to cancel the request.

Whatever I selected I couldn't get out of the loop. Somehow Ally managed to get me into my e-mails, but I'm really worried that, when Jan signs into her e-mails, I won't be able to get back to mine.

Anyway, to get back to boating, we're now ahead of schedule. We are no more than 12 hours away from Thrupp Wharf, and we have three days in which to do it. I think tomorrow might be an easy day to make up for today's slog.

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