Saturday, 5 April 2014

Boats or bungalows?

A recent walking group walk I went on started from Wayford Bridge, about five miles north of Wroxham in Norfolk. As well as being a pub, Wayford Bridge is a bridge over the River Ant, part of the Norfolk Broads. Moored on the Ant there are these curious houseboats.

Lived in all year round or just for holidays? I don't know. They look like large garden sheds - or bird hides - just plonked on the water.

Speaking of birds, did you spot the family of ducks (geese?) on the near bank?

I'll post some more pictures of the walk later. Meanwhile ... it's not long before we go boating again: hooray!

If I can find a program to resize photos on Jan's laptop PC I'll be able to do blog posts with pics but, if I can't, the photos will have to wait for me to get back to this computer. Before going to the boat though, we'll be calling on Jan's parents in Writtle and enjoying a pub lunch with them.


Sue said...

Looking forward to you out and about again..

I use ADC Pro2 for my pics.. I can mend them, crop them and batch resize them to a folder too.

Hope that helps

Halfie said...

Haven't heard of that one - I'll look it up...

Yes, we're in MK now and will set off on Jubilee in the morning.