Friday, 1 June 2012

Birmingham Ladywood

Birmingham Ladywood is one of those constituency names which sticks in the memory (not much else does, these days). Current MP is Shabana Mahmood (Labour); a former MP is Clare Short. The names of the wards comprising the constituency all evoke canal places: Aston, Nechells, Soho and Ladywood. Well, the first three I was familiar with, from the Aston Locks, Nechells Stop Lock and Soho Loop. But Ladywood? Where's that?

Right by the Birmingham Main Line, that's where. St. Vincent Street, where we were moored the other day, is in Ladywood, as is (I believe) the NIA, one of the unmissable buildings as you pass along the main line. In a central reservation there's a striking statue of 19th century stuntman Blondin. He crossed Edgbaston Reservoir on a tightrope. (Until I get home I can't zoom in to him, so you'll have to put up with the whole photo).

Ally remarked today that I hadn't mentioned in these digital pages that she has just finished working at the Deaf Cultural Centre in Ladywood (photo above). So I'm mentioning it now. She has landed a job as a Communication Support Worker (assisting deaf people) in Milton Keynes, starting in September. Handily, it's about a mile from MK Marina.

She collected her Olympic tickets from the post office today.

The building in Moseley proudly displays the Queen's insignia and the date: 1958.

(edited to correct details about Ally's job)

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