Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Thames Pageant - narrowboat photos from a spectator

Here are some of my photographs of narrowboats passing my position on the north bank of the Thames between Cannon Street Railway Bridge and London Bridge.

I'm sorry they're not very good: I had left the camera in its slowest speed setting and there wasn't enough light. Consequently the shutter speed was so slow that there was a lot of camera shake. Also it was chucking it down with rain and I was trying not to let the camera get too wet (I fear I might have done as the zoom control seems now to be intermittent).

Here is the first batch, in the order in which I took them.

The narrowboats emerge from under Cannon Street Rail Bridge.

Doris Katia with Andrew Phasey of the St Pancras Cruising Club is nearest the camera.

Now Lotus is nearest the camera.

Our first sight of Indigo Dream. And on our side!

There's no mistaking Sue in her greyhound suit at the bow.

A shot of the crew at the back.

I'm gutted that these pictures have turned out so badly. By this stage we had an excellent viewing position right by the wall. We called out to Richard and Sue and Neil and Kath, but, even though they were fairly close to us, there was just too much noise going on for them to distinguish our voices from the crowd.

There are more to come, so, if you were in the pageant, watch this space!


Anonymous said...

My camera died just before the narrowboats came through...so they are better than mine!! It was very murky (opposite Butlers Wharf) but terrific.

Brenda Scowcroft said...

Guess I'll have to keep on watching. We were 4th down on the right going down stream.

Simon Judge said...

Thanks - nice photos. I hope you don't mind I have added some links to them on the website for photos by and of those taking part:


Simon Judge
NB Scholar Gypsy.