Monday, 25 June 2012

Some photos of the historic narrowboats at Braunston 2012

Apologies for the lack of posts in the last few days: I was just too busy on the Birmingham house - painting, filling and cleaning - to do anything else. On Saturday the new tenants moved in, and Ally and I had a celebratory curry at the Sweet Chillies. After that, in the last vestiges of daylight, we winded where we were (Bridge 5, Stratford Canal), watered up and moved a few hundred yards to be opposite the moorings at Lyons Boatyard. (Incidentally, a sign there proclaims diesel at 87p per litre. Annoyingly I had just paid 99p/l at Away4Service in central Brum.)

On Sunday I said goodbye to Ally (Ben was in Southport after a stag party) and drove to Braunston, where I had arranged to pick up a set of keys for Jubilee from Kew owners David and Mary (whose mooring we had used a few weeks previously).

At Braunston I snapped away - like everyone else - at the wonderful array of former working boats lovingly restored and polished to perfection by their owners.

In the old wharf were Nutfield and Raymond (on the left) and Stanton and Chertsey.

The Braunston Historic Boat Rally is a good place to bump into fellow bloggers. Here I found Sarah and Jim of Chertsey; James and Amy of Lucky Duck; Neil and Kath of Herbie; and Adam of Briar Rose (not all photographed here).

After chatting for a while I went off to find Kew and collect my keys. David and Mary were just finishing lunch with their son and daughter-in-law. It just happened that left in the pan was another portion of stew, which Mary very kindly fed me with - perfect! While I was eating boats began to leave the vicinity of the marina heading for Braunston Turn where they would turn to start the parade by going under the marina entrance bridge, with Norman Mitchell providing the usual commentary.

Chertsey, steered by Neil, going towards the Turn

Raymond, towed by Nutfield, having turned, heading towards the marina entrance

Chertsey coming back...

...steered now by Sarah

The afternoon's parade was under way. At a suitable gap we untied Kew and David steered into the parade.

Under the bridge...

...and here's Norman (in the hat)

David (on the right) steered expertly round the course.

That's enough from me for now!

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