Tuesday 19 June 2012

Too much water floods hire boat engine

I promised more on the interesting descent of Camp Hill and ascent of Ashted Locks - and here it is.

First, another shot of the lock Jubilee was in, waiting for the bottom lock to become free of the boat which couldn't get out owing to the low pound.

There was so much water coming from above that it cascaded over the top gates and even the sides of the lock.

Eventually the stuck boat became unstuck, and exited the lock, freeing the way for the boat in front of us. Then we went through, onto the long-ish pound before the start of the ascent of Ashted Locks.

Here, though, was another boat - a hire boat - which had got stuck trying to enter the low pound. Only in this case, somehow, the crew hadn't been able to control the flow of water being sent down the Ashted flight, and had managed to completely flood the engine hole. Fortunately the cabin was unaffected. By the time we got there, the crew had managed to pull the boat out of the lock and were pumping out the last of the water. The engine had been totally submerged, and so water had got into the air filter. When this was removed we could see water sitting on top of the inside of the engine!

This is where Captain Ahab and I got involved. I went to get a length of plastic hose from my "useful" box and started siphoning the water out. An impressive amount flowed! Andy took photos. I expect they will appear on his blog soon. When no more water would come out an attempt was made to start the engine. Clunk. It wouldn't turn. Water was obviously sitting on top of the pistons, and when the engine tried to turn this water was being compressed against the valves. Only water, unlike air, is incompressible. This is when the crew decided they ought to phone the hire company. I did suggest slackening off the glow plugs to eject the water, but better to let the boatyard sort it out now. We took our leave and ascended the locks.

As I said, I was the one trying not to drink to much canal juice and Andy was the one taking the photos, so no pictures from me of the incident.

Here, though, is one of Andy in one of his favourite places. Who will be the first to identify it?


Adam said...

I've been there only once, but it looks like Typhoo Basin.

But what's he doing standing next to the tiller on the back counter, rather than in safety in the back hatch??

Halfie said...

Yes, Typhoo Basin it is. You pose a good question. Perhaps Andy will respond.

Andy Tidy said...

You know me - danger is my middle name! Actually a good point Adam - Halfie was in the hatch with me till he ran down the roof to take the photo and I had stepped out to let him exit.

Halfie said...

Oh, so it's MY fault, is it?

Judith@ RiverThame canal boat hire said...

The picture makes me scared and but inspired as well to face the danger. I've never been there but I guess my friend knows about this place very well.