Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Busy on the Billesley house (and an excellent curry)

I'm still working on the house formerly occupied by Ally and Ben. I'm readying it for new tenants, who move in on Saturday, so I've been filling holes, painting walls and ceilings and buying bits and pieces. Today's shopping at Homebase came to more than £70, and that was without really trying.

The best thing about the house is that it's five minutes' walk from Bridge 5 on the Stratford Canal. The second best thing is its proximity to one of the best curry houses I've been to, the Sweet Chillies. (I'm eating a delicious takeaway from there as I write this).

It's very easy to get to from Bridge 5 as it's on the same road: turn left down the hill (this is Yardley Wood Road); cross the double mini roundabout; and it's another hundred yards on the right. There are two water points at Bridge 5, as well as good moorings.

Ally and Ben, meanwhile, have moved onto Jubilee. Our boat will be their home for a year or two, until they can afford to buy somewhere that's truly theirs. They've had to do an immense amount of paring down, as you'd expect, in order to fit into the 55' boat. Car loads of stuff are with both sets of parents - and there's more to come! One essential (for Ben) on the boat was his coffee machine. Funnily enough, they've made me remove all the brass knick-knacks!

After the curry I went to the boat to finish a job I started earlier: cleaning out the shower sump. But that's another story, and needs photos.

Apologies for the lack of photos today - I'll try to make up for it tomorrow.

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VallyP said...

What a dedicated dad you are! I'm impressed! The curry sounds as if it makes up for all the work, though. Good for you.