Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Two painting jobs - one more successful than the other

I'll start with my pathetic attempt to "signwrite" the boat's name on the Buckby can.

I drew inspiration from the logo of Jubilee hose clips, but I was always useless at art at school.

I have not improved since.

As for how to give the lettering some depth, well, I haven't left myself much room, have I?

The other, more successful painting job, was to touch up a small scrape on the blue handrail. As we exited Lock 18 on the Lapworth flight there was a huge amount of water gushing in from the towpath side under the bridge. This forced the boat into the arch of the bridge, and there was nothing Jan could do. When I realised what was going on I grabbed the centre rope and pulled the boat away from the brickwork and out of the bridgehole. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera on me, and I forgot to go back. Water was even pouring out of a manhole cover between the lock and the pipe under the bridge. To return to the touch-up job: the previous owner had left all the half-used tins of paint under the well deck and it was easy to find the right one. I sanded the scraped paint down to the metal, removing the surface rust which had already formed, and dabbed on the paint.


No Direction said...

Looks OK to me, every Canal artist has their own style :). (and the spellings right).

Flingel said...

If you think you were bad at Art.... that's still a lot better than I could do Halfie!

Halfie said...

Flingel, just to make it absolutely clear, all I have done is the white lettering of "Jubilee". Not the rest of the can!