Friday, 15 June 2012

Henwood Hall Farm in the green

Near Copt Heath Wharf, north of Knowle on the Grand Union, Henwood Hall Farm (house) stands surrounded by lush greenery.

The jutting out loading bay looks very old.


Captain Ahab said...

It looks more like an old mill and the jutting out bit is a locum which would have had winding gear in its roof making it possible to hoist sacks up to the doors beneath. Hmm - can you tell that I am a millers son?

Halfie said...

I agree it looks mill-like, but, although the River Blythe runs nearby, it isn't actually on the river. I suppose the river could have changed course since the building was - er - built. I didn't know the jutting out bit was called a locum.

Roger Smith said...

Er sorry Halfie but you need to get a better map, checking the OS map and Birdseye view on Bing maps shows this to be Henwood Mill on the River Blythe. The Hall Farm is on the far side of the M42.