Friday, 8 June 2012

Wet descent of Lapworth Locks and another non-start

We set off from Shirley at about half past nine this morning in a brief moment when it didn't seem to be raining. I was wrong. It was raining. Oh well. I had waterproofs on and a leather hat, so I was adequately protected. I feared for my camera, though, and so I took only one photo. That wasn't relevant to this post, so I'm not even going to publish the one photo yet.

Below Lock 5 we stopped the engine and I rang the bell of friends of ours who live by the canal there - but they were out. When I went to restart the engine ... nothing.

Oh no! Was this the same connection problem as last time? I poked around with no success. I cut the cable tie holding a mulitway connector together and reseated the plug, still nothing.

Then I thought I'd try the engine battery isolator switch. Ah. It was off! And then I remembered - while steering earlier my foot had touched something with a bit of "give" in it. Now I realised that this was the isolator switch, which is mounted low down on the port side. I switched it back on and, of course, everything sprang back to life. Phew! With the deck covers back we were able to continue on our way.

That's one more thing I've learned about Jubilee! (Somewhere I have a picture showing the position of the isolator switches - can't find it - must be on the computer at home).

We're now moored on the Lapworth Link - the short arm connecting the Stratford Canal with the Grand Union. We'll be going up the GU tomorrow, back towards Birmingham, but then leave it in what we hope will be a reasonably secure place until next weekend.

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