Saturday, 16 June 2012

Camp Hill and getting very muddy

I drove up to the boat last night (while some people were watching England beat Sweden at football). This morning I steered from Catherine-de-Barnes to the secure mooring at the top of Camp Hill Locks on the GU. The facilities here are excellent - water, Elsan, rubbish, loos and shower. Accessing the "outside world" is by unlocking a gate and crossing the lock onto the towpath.

Captain Ahab and Jeff are going to join me in the morning to assist with the locks - Camp Hill, Ashted and Farmer's Bridge - 25 in all. I hope the rain holds off.

This afternoon I cycled back down the towpath to the car in order to take it to tomorrow's destination on the Stratford Canal. I got quite wet ad very muddy. The towpath was full of puddles and thick, squelchy, slippery mud. This is how my bike ended up.

I have spared you a shot of my legs - they were spattered with mud. More mud than skin.

Before putting the bike in the car I sloshed loads of canal juice over it (using a container which had been handily floating past - no shortage of them round here!)

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