Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Gas, electricity and fibre optics under our feet on the towpath

On my wet and muddy cycle ride along the seven miles of the Grand Union Canal between Camp Hill basin and Catherine-de-Barnes a few days ago, I was aware that at least three services were running along beneath me.

First I came to a series of concrete covers marked "DANGER CEGB 132,000 VOLTS"

Then there was a high pressure gas main marked at intervals by concrete posts. Some of these had electrical terminals on the side. Conveniently (for my photo) some vandal had removed the cover of one of these, allowing a view of the wires inside. The smaller post in this photo is marked "WMGB" which, I assume, stands for West Midlands Gas Board.

Lastly a plaque marked "FIBREWAY", with "Duct and Access" and some more, indistinct, words, one of which could be "United". This will be covering fibre optic cable(s) carrying telephone calls, TV signals and data of all kinds.

1994 article about Fibreway from the Independent here

I hope BW got/gets a decent amount of cash for letting their land in this way.


No Direction said...

The concrete covers used to rattle as you cycled over them.

Halfie said...

They still do! As do the similar ones on the Regents Canal.