Thursday, 31 May 2012

Starcross lover (of canals and buses)

Jim of Starcross has beaten me to it with his account of our meeting in central Brum.

I had known from his blog that he was in the vicinity, so I sent him a comment saying where I was. It transpired that Starcross was just the other side of the bridge from us, so this morning Ben and I called in for coffee before inviting Jim on board Jubilee (for more coffee). It was good to meet you, Jim. Sorry I delayed your bus trips. Perhaps on the next occasion it will be beer time rather than coffee time!

For you, then, here is Yardley Wood Bus Depot, next to which we have been moored recently.

My photos don't do this amazing building justice - it has a vast art deco style frontage and was opened in 1938. Right by Bridge 5 on the northern Stratford Canal.

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Anonymous said...

That bus garage is a classic. I hope it's listed there aren't many like it left.
Good to meet you at last.