Thursday, 3 May 2012

Dark clouds and bright sun make for interesting pictures

On our way home from boating last week I stopped to take a few photos in the amazing light.

The combination of dark sky in front and bright low sun behind gave scenes an unreal look, which I tried to capture on my camera.

I'm particularly pleased with the middle photo.


John Warner said...

Hello Halfie, With regard to your 'share' boat Nb Shadow, we're having a look at her on Sunday with a view to buying a share in her too. Would you be kind enough to give me some background & opinion on sharing in general and the syndicate & boat you're in in particular.
I came across your Blog while googling 'Shadow' and have now subscribed, adding you to quite a few other canal orientated blogs I follow... thanks John, email johnwarner at gmail dot com

Halfie said...

John, I'll e-mail you.